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Creating art is an odyssey.
A work of art can be complete upon reaching its destination,
or it can be an open ended journey beckoning more exploration.

I reach for the physical, emotional and psychological force of all my subjects, using that energy to render my expression of it. Each different art medium adds unique dimensions to my artwork.   I also enjoy combining oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, inks, and collage for further surprises. Experimentation with woodblock printing, photography, computer art and sculpture have added many more perspectives to my work.

My art studies include the NY Art Students League, the NY National Academy of Art, Pratt Institute, Valdes Art Studio Santa Fe NM, SAACI in Florence Italy, Il Chiostro in Venice Italy, and the Marchutz School of Art in France.  

Extensive travels throughout much of Europe and the United States added immeasurably to my knowledge and practice and continue to inspire my current work.

I participated in juried shows at the Price Waterhouse Coopers Gallery, the Manhattan Borough Presidents Gallery, and the Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery. In Ten separate gallery shows at the NY Art Students League, I was awarded Ten "Best in Show" for each of my submissions.  I was part of a group show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and also with the "Prometheus" art endeavor.

My art appeared in virtual showcases on "Artsy Shark" and in the "Spirit of Resilience" exhibition by Manhattan Arts International.

An article and artwork was featured in "Lines from the League" on studying abroad, and also in a Yale University "Book of Images" for the colloquium "Making Sense Series: for an Effective Aesthetics".  My collaboration with a Chef produced designs for a satirical cookbook prototype"Iguana as You Like it"

I was inspired by drawing dancers in practice sessions and performances, and my work from this period appeared in a solo show at the Ailey Citigroup Theater Gallery and Chelsea Art Museum.  Some of this work was also included in the artbook "The Visual Language of Drawing".

Through a grant award by the Fantasy Fountain Foundation, I spent several months at the Marchutz School of Art in Aix en Provence, France. By tracing in the steps of Cezanne and Van Gogh, I was able to experience plein air landscape painting, and it was thrilling.

I continue on my voyage of discovery.

VISIT MY NEW WEBSITE -, and the introduction of my new book 
"A Line of Thought" available on Amazon

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